You can tell it’s lunchtime on Gili T when ladies roll their down the road with carts filled with packages of nasi campur, a traditional Indonesian meal made up of rice served with other dishes such as curries and vegetables, tempeh and spicy sambals. The best place to get nasi is undoubtedly Kiki Novi, which is open at lunchtime toward the back of where the night market pitches up, and is based near the front of the night market each evening too.

Friends of mine who live on Gili T get their nasi from Kiki’s regularly, and this isn’t purely down to the cheap cost of a big meal – nasi campur from Kiki Novi is consistently delicious, and being able to pick which dishes you want with your rice each day ensures you never get bored. Beautiful vegetable curries and spicy tempeh will ensure you don’t want for meat, but there’s always a beef, chicken  or fish option on offer too. Go easy on the sambal if you’re not one for spice, but if you are – go in with aplomb, for it’s some of the best sambal you’ll have.

Nasi Campur at Kiki Novi is available to go or to eat at the stall, and will set you back between 10,000 and 30,000 IDR, depending on what you order. Bear in mind that more meat will add a few thousand to your meal, but when it’s that cheap, who cares?

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