Café de Flore is a favourite Parisian institution of mine to visit when in the French capital. With patterned wicker chairs sat facing the world going by under a large canopy, locals and tourists alike frequent this picturesque café on a corner in Saint Germain. Quintessentially and stereotypically French (right down to the stand offish Parisian wait staff – unfortunately), the food and drink here is excellent.

We ventured from our lovely Air BnB one Sunday morning for brunch at this famous establishment, escaping under the awning just in time as it promptly started to tip it down. Café de Flore’s superb croissants (€2.70) were luckily there to act as the perfect antidote to the pouring rain (their pain au chocolat had run out by 10.30am, so don’t be slow if you’re precious about your pastry of choice). Flaky and oh so buttery, dipped into their equally glorious hot chocolate (€7.00); rich and speckled with flakes of melting chocolate. Every morning should start this way.

Because it’s Sunday and because we’re in Paris, and – well – because we’re just greedy, we also ordered eggs with bacon (€13.20) and a croque Monsieur (€12.20). Not each. Not that we necessarily wouldn’t go that far, but we needed to leave room for patisserie in an hour or so. The croquet Monsieur was golden with rich melted cheese; very possibly carb heaven and the ultimate hangover fare, except you’re eating it at a beautiful French café in the heart of the posh part of Paris rather than on your sofa. My egg yolks were beautifully runny, and whilst the bacon isn’t of the crispy British calibre I favour, it hit the spot nicely.

If you’re willing to put up with your café au lait being served without much of a smile, Café de Flore is a lovely place to have a leisurely Parisian breakfast that feels truly authentic. The crowds extend into lunchtime and onwards too, and whilst I can’t speak from experience, I’d be willing to bet the quality is just as good as before midday. Bon appetit.

 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France
+33 1 45 48 55 26

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