Salivating. That’s the first thing that happens when my avocado and feta on ciabatta is placed in front of me. Two slices of thick ciabatta toasted perfectly and piled precariously high with chopped up ripe avocado and big chunks of crumbly feta. The kind of bruschetta that falls apart as soon as you prod it with your cutlery – messy, but excellent, because you have so much to cram into your mouth whilst carrying out a balancing act on your fork. A tomato sambal was served on the side, which added depth to the avocado and feta, though for me could have done with being a bit spicier. But then, I am a girl who will sprinkle a whole chilli on her smashed avocado for breakfast, so I’m perhaps not exactly what one would usually cater for.

The cafe has a distinctly chilled atmosphere – a hippy vibe, if you will – with plenty of backpackers and yogi expats using the free wifi and whiling away the day on rattan mats and cushions. The quality of ingredients used is clear, the standard high and the service friendly, if a little slow at times. But hey, this is Asia and you’re on Bali time.

Everything that comes out of this kitchen you wish you’d ordered. BLTs (53,000 IDR) made on freshly baked ciabatta bread from the bakery down the road. Plentiful gado gado accompanied with a big bowl of extra peanut sauce that saves you the embarrassment from having to ask for more. I suspect they got fed up of having to go back into the kitchen, hence why it is now standard. Chicken satay sprinkled with fresh chillies (45,000 IDR). Bite sized fish cakes with lime and tomato sambal. A vegan Balinese curry (57,000 IDR) that was so brilliantly balanced in flavour that I barely missed the meat, let alone realise it was (whispers)…vegan.

And THEN they do this thing were they offer you melted Belgian chocolate to be poured over what is commonly recognised as Ubud’s best gelato (shout out to the panna cotta flavour) and you say yes and then you’re fighting to fit as much of the thick chocolate with ice cream in your mouth at once and before you know it, it’s disappeared. So get at least two scoops.

Atman is a great option for a healthy breakfast, lunch or a quiet dinner and a firm favourite and frequent haunt of mine whenever I’m in Ubud, ideally situated across the street from my usual homestay. Highly recommend. And seriously – do get the chocolate smothered ice cream.

Jl. Hanoman no 38, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
+62 361 8620505

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  1. […] Atman Kafe Jl. Hanoman No.38 Atman has a distinctly chilled, hippy vibe to it with plenty of backpackers and yogi expats using the free wifi and whiling away the day on rattan mats and cushions. I’ve sampled the menu extensively whilst in Ubud and was never disappointed – the quality of ingredients used is high and there’s a good mix of Indonesian and international choices, including that universal must have: avocado on toast. They also serve Ubud’s best ice cream with hot melted chocolate on top. […]

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