The true test of a good brunch is whether it can successfully pull you out of your self-inflicted pain or not. Hangovers and boozy brunches go hand in hand – they cause them, and they cure them. They are forever entwined.

Bad Egg was slightly different to the other bottomless brunches I’ve frequented. Here, you pick three small plates.  There’s pulled pork with beans and kimchi on sourdough; Korean rib tips; a Mexican vibe represented by a selection of tacos and American French toast or pancakes with an array of toppings. I opt for the deep fried mac and cheese balls, because I can apparently never resist anything macaroni, or indeed, cheese; French toast with bacon and lashings of maple syrup, and the cheeseburger hash – essentially a deconstructed mess of a cheeseburger – and to be honest, I think I prefer it that way. Everything was good, particularly the fried macaroni cheese and the Korean rib tips I stole from a friend. Although I didn’t go hungry too quickly, I do think the portions were slightly on the small side for what you pay. Comparatively with other bottomless brunches, you pay the same and get more food (and booze) for your cash at other restaurants.

Speaking of the booze, we were a table of twenty, and a table that large is always going to be a serving nightmare. Regardless, I feel like I shouldn’t have to prompt staff for a top up, particularly if it’s a Bottomless Brunch with a time limit (which in fairness, overran for us since it took a long time to serve so many  and we were the last sitting of the day). I want to relax and talk to my friends, not spend time trying to catch the eye of the nearest waiter. The choice to swap between mimosas, cava and Bloody Mary’s was great, and the latter was particularly well made.

Bad Egg is a solid brunch choice and the food is very good, there’s just not quite enough of it in the Bottomless option. The restaurant serves brunch all day every day, so they clearly know what they are doing. The food quality is high and particularly on the main menu the range is wide, with influences from the diners of America, serving classic dishes such as burgers and hot dogs as well as eggs this way and that way, french toast and pancakes and Mexican breakfasts too. It just doesn’t quite feel like they have the Bottomless Brunch perfected just yet. I’d certainly go again, but with a smaller group. To me, Bad Egg didn’t feel ready to be able to do a Bottomless Brunch for such a large table just yet, though I’m sure they’ll get there. I would hope to see bigger portions next time too. Iron out the kinks and it’ll go from strength to strength as a destination on the London boozy brunch scene. And yes, it did the trick: it pulled me out of my hangover and sent me soaring into the start of the next one.

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