I feel like this has been the longest January on record – probably not helped by an eighty three day gap between pay days – but now it’s rounding off to an end and we’re about to jump into February, I can’t quite believe a month of 2018 has already passed. A new year promises new adventures: long lists of restaurants to visit, new foods to try and travel plans to be made. Whilst travelling to eat is set to be a big part of 2018 as usual, something I’m particularly keen to do this year is eat more locally around my little part of London. There are some fantastic places popping up all over South East London: Peckham has been paving the way with great bars and restaurants for a long time now, Brockley is slowly but surely getting there with the likes of the brilliant new Parlez just by the station, and Deptford is now host to plenty of places I’m dying to try.

Down in SE8 there’s the brilliant Deptford Market Yard, open 7 days a week with a row of great little cafes, restaurants and shops from the most beautiful florist to lifestyle store Win & Ruby who promote local designers. Two friends and I dragged our very hangover arses over that way one morning and after some tense deliberation between Frankie Goes To Bollywood and Archie’s – one arm of the brilliant Cheese Truck that has sadly since closed in Deptford, we opted for the former to help bring us back to life. I’ve thought about the food served that morning regularly since then.

Serving up Western classics with an Indian twist, the menu is inventive both in flavour and name: Frankie’s tandoori fried chicken (or TFC – see what they did there?) is marinated for 24 hours and served with a cumin and garlic aioli; spiced lamb sausages with sweet potato mash and cumin gravy make up the Bhangras and Mash  dish; whilst an Indian version of nachos made with mini poppadoms and classic Indian condiments and chutneys is fondly known as Poppadom Preach. A staple on the menu is Frankie’s version of the bacon naan famously associated with Dishoom, though this one is laced with signature tomato chutney and cream cheese and incredibly moreish. With over half the menu vegetarian friendly, there’s also the Gandhi’s Flip Flop burger made with a red cabbage, coriander and spiced potato patty to keep the vegans among us happy.

Being a huge fan of anything that resembles a pimped up McMuffin sandwich I had to go with the Lawhore. Beautifully named, this bun is the ultimate in filth; so much so it feels like it was designed specifically for you and your hangover in your particular time of need. Sausage patty, slices of black pudding, chutney, a fried egg with a yolk that burst perfectly as you bite into it – this is a breakfast of epic proportions. And all that isn’t even the best bit: a showstopper of a fried, crispy onion bhaji sandwiched inside the English muffin bun rounds off the Lawhore in a frankly genius move.

If this is what the local offering of South East London is like all over, I’ll never have to venture into Central again.

Arch 11, Deptford Market Yard, London, SE8 4BX

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