Falling For Autumn

It looks like we’ve kissed that glorious but ridiculous ten week heatwave goodbye and summer is slowly winding down. I should be mad about it – this summer has been wonderful. Weeks of endless sunshine, soaring temperatures and long spells sat baking in the garden. Scenes reminiscent of the London Olympics as the high of football (nearly, sort of) coming home ripped through the country. Harry Maguire on an inflatable unicorn; Britney headlining Brighton Pride; waistcoat sales increasing tenfold. I should be mad about it because it means I really should return the linen sundress I just bought – but I’m not. Truth is, I love autumn.

After months of festivals, wedding season and endless bottles of just-because-it’s-sunny rosé that are pretty much impossible to deny yourself, September rolls around and everyone takes the opportunity to just calm the fuck down a bit. It’s hibernation time, and it’s a good job too as who has money to socialise after the annual Autumn/Winter Zara haul anyway? I don’t know about you but I’d rather spend my money on chunky knits, new boots and a decent coat, thank you very much. I will wear all of these purchases together for the precisely three occasions I choose to leave the house to engage with other people in the next month, please do not expect any more from me.

Rainy Sunday afternoons curled up on the sofa with a soft throw, watching You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. Lazily making a roast dinner; subsequently trying not to polish off a whole bottle of red whilst it’s cooking. Baking crumbles and cakes filled with apples and blackberries; your colleagues shouting at you for bringing in yet more food whilst simultaneously cutting themselves another slice.

The forever struggle of trying to remember which denier tights you usually buy and getting it wrong at least twice before finding the perfect ones, later forgetting which denier they were yet again when you inevitably need to replace them the following month. The influx of great British dramas on ITV and the BBC; the perfect time to start a new box set as the nights draw in.

Men looking delectable in pea coats thrown over muted knitwear. Meeting friends at cozy pubs with open fires and the chance to kick through orange and yellow leaves as they build up on the ground through October. No room in the coat cupboard for the all the new scarves you’ve welcomed into your already vast collection.

Sure, the last of summer is here but is it really so bad? Autumn is so easy to fall for.

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