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Melting Wok Warung

Simplicity is key at Melting Wok: two curries, one made with coconut cream, one made without; served with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, tempeh or tofu; plus rice or noodles. Not spicy, medium or spicy. Bar two specials that are offered every day, this is the menu. You wouldn’t usually expect somewhere with a menu this basic, to be that in demand, but making a reservation here is a must unless you’re willing to eat dinner at 5.30pm. Because the food at Melting Wok is anything but basic. My chicken coconut cream curry (spicy, always) served with rice was ridiculously good. Full of flavour and texture from the peanuts crumbled over the dish, I didn’t want it to end yet simultaneously couldn’t shovel it in my mouth quick enough. The portion is generous and costs 39,000 IDR, which is around £2. In short, I’m furious I didn’t go sooner, seeing as I was living in Ubud for a full month. Which is why I went again two days later, this time opting for the noodles. Again, I could not fault it. It’s some of the best food I’ve had in Indonesia, and it’s as cheap as you could hope for.

Owned and run by a friendly French woman, Melting Wok offers a dessert menu inspired by her native country, with creme caramel, chocolate fondue with fruit and crepes with ice cream, the latter of which could have been served to me in France itself, good as it was. The staff are friendly, explaining the menu well and service is quick. They will warn you if the table needs to be turned over, which it will, because Melting Wok is almost always fully booked, so be sure to make a reservation. Nothing is worse than food disappointment.

Jl Gootama no.13, Ubud, Indonesia
+62 (0) 361 9299716
Open Tue – Sun, 10am – 11pm.

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