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Hi! I’m Charlie. After a fair few years blogging about food and travel on First We Eat, I’ve moved everything over to here because I just love making more work for myself.

On the blog you can find travel guides, plenty about food both in London and from my travels, as well as an increasing number of posts with a focus on solo travel. Stick around and see what happens.


I recently turned 30 and I am loving every bit of it so far.

By day I’m an executive assistant. By night I spend the majority of my time trying to find the perfect GIF to complement whatever inane tweet I’m sending out into the world. Also cooking, baking, drinking wine – preferably the latter two at the same time.

I spend most of my money (read: credit card limit) on travel and complain consistently about only getting 22 days holiday a year.

Glastonbury is my favourite place in the world, swiftly followed by Indonesia and Italy.

Every few months I get weirdly obsessed by something obscure or a categorically shit TV show. Recent obsessions include: Mary Queen of Scots, Hallmark TV show Chesapeake Shores and ice dancing. Don’t @ me.

I’ve perfected the homemade espresso martini and genuinely believe it to be one of my greatest achievements to date.

My favourite colour is yellow as it is the happiest of hues.

I’m a chronic oversharer, as you’ll no doubt soon find out if you don’t already follow me on Twitter.

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